Specialty paper-----The secret of luxury paper tubes

Packaging plays a big role in sales. And there is no doubt that charming packaging would be helpful to attract the target customers. It is well-proven in luxury brands. They have full taken advantage of the function of packaging to enhance their culture and fashion. Have you ever wondered why they could make the packaging so gorgeous, and why people feel the packaging is worth the money? Today, I will introduce you to a unique type of wrapping paper to kick off the secret of luxury brands’ packaging, which is Specialty Paper.

As its name suggested, specialty paper is various from other cardboards for making paper tubes. You can finger out their difference in weight, finish, thickness, and feel when you touch them. Specialty paper is normally worked as the outermost layer of a paper tube. It can be divided into many types. Some specialty paper has pearl luster on the surface of the paper while some have cloth texture. Also, there exists specialty paper with a special feel.


Pearlescent Paper

This is a type of specialty paper. The surface of pearlescent paper could reflect light and it will show a special luster under the light. This luster comes from the pearlescent particles on the surface of the paper. These finely divided particles appeal to shining under the light. In addition, the particles are very tiny, plus the brightness of the light after reflection is reduced, making the light entering the human eye present a soft, fragmented, and diverse state. It works pretty well when they are used to produce packaging for jewelry.

Fabric Texture Paper

Fabric Texture Paper is another kind of specialty paper to create high-end packaging. It gives paper materials texture of the fabric. This kind of texture is not only reflected in the vision, but also the texture can be felt when you touch it. There are fine cloth patterns, sackcloth patterns, white water patterns, pinstripe, Lenny patterns, and other patterns for you to choose from.


Soft Touch Paper

Soft touch paper is a kind of paper with a suede touch, which has a smooth and delicate hand feeling and has an obvious thick feeling. Its processing technology is quite complicated, so the price is relatively high. It is usually used in the high-end packaging industry, and it can be combined with hot stamping, debossing, and other printing effects to create luxurious packaging. It is a paper packaging material with excellent expressiveness.


Case presentation: packaging production analysis

Take the following paper tube for example. This is a kind of paper tube with an exposed neck. For the main material of the paper tube, it may have chosen a Duplex Chipboard, which could easily shoulder the weight of the inner content and offer reliable protection. As for the top sheet, it is very likely to be textured paper in white. We have to admit that is a wise choice, white works well to create an elegant feeling, and textured paper could up the packaging’s class compared to normal paper.

What is more, you must have observed that ribbon bow on the lid. That is really attractive, right The ends of the ribbon are fastened to the base of the tube for two benefits. For the first one, it could take the role of decoration. And second, it could add one more to insure the content inside doesn’t fall out.


What you can choose when customizing paper tubes

Esytube is a paper tube manufacturer located in Zhejiang China. We have factories offering custom cylinder tube packaging for our customers. Take some customers may not comprehend the options Esytube offered into consideration, I will list them in the following content. Color, Structure, size, and printing method are the basic options when we customize paper tube packaging. Besides that, the following choices are also available on Esytube.

Opening method: rolled edge & flat edge

Lid: cardboard, metal, plastic

Insert: foam & paper-made

Handle: flat cotton, cotton, silk ribbon, nylon twisted, pp, paper

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