• Two cylindrical brown containers, one open showing white interior, arranged against a light background, eco-friendly push-up tube packaging.

    Push up paper tube

    Eco friendly paper tube packaging for lip balm, lotion, deodorant.

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  • Two paper deodorant tube packaging and a plastic black tube as a reference, one revealing white interior, on a light background.

    Paper deodorant tube

    A suitable choice for electric business online and start-up brand.

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  • Set of five brown paper tube packagings for lip balm, varying sizes.

    Cardboard lip balm tube

    This biodegradable tube packaging is helpful to build your brand image.

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  • blank paper jars in various sizes

    Paperboard jars

    Paper jar is a reliable escort to nsure the safety during transportation.

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  • Three various sized kraft paper tubes, two standing upright and one horizontally, revealing its oil-prevent interior.

    Kraft paper tube

    A trusted choice to propagate your brand concept to the target consumers.

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  • 6 matte black cardboard tubes in descending size order

    Black paper tube

    Black paper tube is benefit to make you towering figure from competition

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  • white cylindrical cardboard containers organized by height

    White paper tube

    Cardboard tube box packaging that impress your customers.

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  • a green twist-up paper tube with leaf pattern, logo, and slogan on its body

    Twist up paper tube

    Twist up paper tubes are perfect for retail cosmetic and personal skin companies.

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  • A decorative paper candletube packaging on the left. The packaging has a design that includes words and logo, along with a floral pattern. The candle itself on the right has a leaf motif.

    Candle tube packaging

    Candle paper tube offers a wide range of customizing option in colors, sizes, and printing methods.

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  • A cylindrical paper tube with a design that includes butterflies and floral elements in a soft color palette, which is designed to hold skin care serum

    Cosmetic paper tube

    Enhance your brand image with our custom cosmetic & beauty paper packaging

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A cylindrical paper tube with a minimalist design. The tube is green and a brand logo was printed on the top. And its body has a leaf pattern made of lines. Below the logo, there's text that indicate the weight of the product contained within, which is "50g".

Our Original Intention

Care about environment from recyclable packaging. Our cardboard tubes are made from 100% recyclable, biodegradable and reusable paperboard. They will be a great eco-friendly alternative to package from petroleum based plastics.

Esytube is a paper tube company, and our original intention is providing exquisite cardboard cylinder box packaging to our customers based on the principle of not damaging the environment. We will try our best to meet all your expectations.

So, please feel free to contact us. Our experienced professionals would get in touch with you as soon as we can. Any question relevant will be answered in detail.

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  • Deodorant and lotion tube

    There is no doubt that cardboard tube packaging is the best partner for deodorant tube.


    Esytube Packaging is my go-to for tubes for my lotion sticks and deodorants. Their paper tube packaging wholesale are PERFECT, even better than expected! Delivered promptly as well! I'm a repeat, happy customer.

  • Sustainable Packaging

    Paper tube is absolutely a proper selection for lip balm.


    Those tubes are wonderful! A great alternative to plastic but with the practical & clean side! This paper tube company helps me a lot. Don’t worry if some of the caps seem lousse, just squeeze it a little in between your fingers to give it a seemly oval shape. It will fit and hold in place perfectly!

  • Handmade products

    The best packaging for handmade products is definitely paper tube.

    Whitney mackie:

    Bought these for my handmade deodorants business www.whix.us. Lovely concept. These wholesale cardboard tube packaging solved my difficulties. I was happily surprised at the quality and fast shipping. Thank Esytube.

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