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Everybody knows that packaging is a kind of special identification symbol. Every element on the packaging can make a difference to the readability of packaging. Whether it's an established brand or a start-up brand, owning your own packaging is always necessary. The custom eco friendly paperboard jars will push you forward on the way of shaping your brand image.

Wide-Range in Application

Eco-friendly paperboard jars are wide-range in the application. For the past few years, we have supplied quantities of environmentally friendly paperboard jars for our customers’ goods like fragrances, T-shirts, and candles, and have received much positive feedback. All of these paperboard jars are carefully designed, and thanks to our experienced factory experts and advanced machines we could live up to our customers’ trust.

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Two black-labeled cylindrical containers with copper accents on a table, surrounded by scattered herbal ingredients and a wooden scoop.

Warm Prompt

A finished kraft paperboard jar needs to go through packaging design, printing and other steps. We all know that packaging is used to protect your products and keep them in a good condition. So the quality of packaging is particularly important. You'd better arrange the time with our staff because it take times for us to produce high quality products.

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Paper Jar FAQs

Can I get a free paper jar sample?

Yes, what you need to do is let our experts know your requirement. If you are looking for a standard sample, it is for free but the express fee. As for the pre-production sample, they charge a fee.

How many days will it take to deliver the sample?

Transit time is about 8-15 working days to deliver them by air shipping method, 30-40 working days by sea, and 40-60 working days by railway.

What if I want the paper jars in gradient colors, can you do that?

Of course, that is within the scope of our work.

How long will it take to produce custom paper jars?

It takes 15-30 days to produce.

Are these paper jars recycled?

Yes, they are all recycled. It is our original mission to supply eco-friendly paper tubes to our customers.

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