Paper Tube Lip Balm Packaging customization

Packaging is a transformational design form for people to intuitively understand the value of products. It is self-evident that packaging is something matters for a brand. Take the communication and promotion functions of the packaging into consideration, the best package is one that is consistent with the brand image and concept.

A floral-patterned paper tube with a matching cap, alongside a golden-capped container, on a white background.

Sustainability and Climate Change Solutions

Climate change has already a threat to people’s life. People around the world have suffered a lot in recent years because of the increasing heat and prolonged drought. And this battle can only be won if all of us are dedicated to it.
Cardboard is made from wood pulp. And our biodegradable lip balm tubes are all made of cardboard. Its pure natural raw materials make it a completely sustainable option. At the same time, it is also a great selling point for environmentalists that can boost your sale.

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Floral-patterned paper tubes in soft blue, with delicate yellow flowers, are paired with an open lipstick featuring a golden cap and blue base on a white surface.

Cost-effective Paper Lip Balm Tubes

Wholesale paper lip balm tubes, the perfect choice for e-commerce or start-up brands, could offer you a large quantity of paper lip balm tubes at a low price. From the cost-saving point of view, wholesale paper lip balm tube is doing well.

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A vibrant paper tube with a tropical print lies next to an open lipstick with a glossy gold cap and a bold orange base, against a white backdrop.

Warm Prompt

Design is very important to the production. If the design goes wrong, everything has to be redone. So, that would be better if you can offer as detailed data as possible about the biodegradable lip balm tubes to our expert.

The mainly information includes material, color, diameter, height. Of course, if there is any other request, you can also mark it in the design.

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Cardboard Lip Balm Tube FAQs

Do you have these cardboard lip balm tubes in stock? Can I get the sample as soon as possible?

When we receive your message asking for a sample, we will send it to you as soon as we can if it is in stock. You can get further information from our experts.

How do you ensure the perfect implementation of my design?

Esytube has never stopped our steps toward high technology. We had equipped great enough advanced printing machines in our factories to realize your design.

What is your advantage over your competitors?

We are a manufacturer located in Zhejiang China. There is a comparative advantage in the price for us over the competitors.

How can you guarantee production quality?

We will text it 3 times before shipping. Also, we can send a photo or video to you when we are finished.

How can I get the quotation?

You can send an email to or call +1 (669) 400-0899. Once we receive your message, our experts will quote based on the information you provide with.

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