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White is usually representing purity in the eyes of many people. That makes it a good idea for brands that want to add an element of elegance to their products. What are more, white works well with all other colors. The pure white appearances of white paper tubes offer an appropriate platform to fully display your beautiful and colorful design.

A sleek, white paper tube featuring a modern, silver-printed logo and text against a muted background.

Printing Method Options

Hot silver process can be regared as the best partner for white paper tube packaging, and can add decorative effects to the white paper tube without damage the flawless appearance of it. What is more, hot silver process will play a finishing touch and increase the added value of the product.

And if you have a preferred printing method, we can also produce products according to your requirements.

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Cardboard White Tube FAQs

What are your working hours?

We have dedicated personnel in charge 24 hours a day. You can contact us at any time.

What should I do if I want to customize a white paper tube?

You have to send your design to us. Quantities, sizes, and printing methods of white paper tubes are all necessary.

When can I receive the sample?

It takes about 20-25 days to produce the custom white paper tube sample and 12-16 days to ship it to you.

Are these white paper tubes waterproof?

I’m afraid it won’t work as you expected. They are made from cardboard and will get wet with water.

What kind of products are these white paper tubes suitable for?

Candles, Fragrances, Facial treatment essence, T-shirt, Artwork, etc are all suitable.

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