How to make lip balm with eco-friendly paperboard tubes?

We all know that lips are positively get chapped in winter because the cold and windy weather would take moisture away from the human body. As early as 40 BC, people in Egypt mixed beeswax, olive oil, and animal fat for lip care. Back to now, wax and oil are still the basic ingredients of lip balms, but the variety of lip balms has increased with constant development, like UV filter lip balm, nourishing lip balm, medicated lip balm, etc. That sounds pretty hard to DIY, right? But perhaps it does not. In this article, I will introduce the processes of how to make a lip balm to you step by step. 

Process of making a lip balm

Step1: Prepare the oil

The very first thing you need to do is prepare the raw materials. Working out exactly how many lip balms you would like to make if you don’t want to waste. Just like mentioned before, the main materials of lip balm are beeswax, olive oil, etc. weight out all of them ahead of time. Be sure you have added different raw materials in proportion. Lip balms’ functions vary under different proportions. Today, I will provide a common formula for you to make a lip balm.

  •   20% Beeswax
  •   15% Coconut oil
  •   10% Shea butter
  •   15% Cocoa butter
  •   40% Sweet Almond Oil


Step2: Heat the oil

Generally speaking, these raw materials would remain solid at room temperature. Heating them into liquid is the best way to get raw materials fully mixed. Be sure to heat them in a transparent container so that you can easily observe their melting state to avoid overheating. Here is a suggestion, take the container away from the heating source every 30 seconds. Take the opportunity to stir a little to make them melt naturally and get a little bit cold down. When you notice most of the raw materials have melted, it is time to stop heating and let the residual heat melt the rest. Stir gently during this period. You can also add some flavored oil at this moment to fragrance your lip balms.


Step3: Fill hot oil

The melting point of wax is about 37°C to 64°C. If you are afraid of the heated oil may damage your tubes, you can wait for a while for the oil to cool down. But pay attention to the state of oil. When you notice solidified wax starting to appear on the walls of your container, you can't wait any longer. After pouring the oil into the tubes, all you have to do is wait. After about 24 hours, this oil will solidify. And this is what we call lip balm.

Now you have fully understood how to make a lip balm, it is not as intricate as your thought, right? Moreover, now that we've gotten this far, why not make your work perfect? Don’t you think your lip balm deserves charming packaging? Packaging of lip balms is usually tubes. Compare with plastic tubes, paper tubes are better for their environmentally friendly characteristic and are more in line with current trends. In the remainder of this article, I’d like to show some proper eco-friendly paperboard tubes for your reference.


Reasons why we choose eco-friendly paperboard tubes

Some people believe that paperboard tubes are not suitable for holding liquid. This is because paper is easy gets wet when exposed to water, then becomes weaker, and finally breaks in our daily life. But you know, the main ingredient of lip balms is wax, which is a mile apart from water. And also, as a manufacturer of paper tube packaging, I can tell you responsibly that material of these paperboard tubes is entirely different from the paper used for writing in our daily life. 

A finished paperboard tube in our factories includes 3 parts: top sheet, cardboard, and oil-proof layer. All these 3 parts are paper-made, and the oil-proof layer can effectively prevent oil from penetrating into the paper tube. what is more, the weight of cardboard is about 1200 g /㎡while the weight of A4 paper is 70 g /㎡, which is the reason why cardboard is stronger than ordinary paper. Based on this condition, packaging tubes made of cardboard are naturally equipped with the characteristics of firmness. The next is the top sheet. The top sheet is commonly where we print patterns, logos, etc. From a certain point of view, this step determines the delicacy of the paper tube.


After that, there is still some way to go before these cardboard cylinder containers are finished. They have to pass 3 tests. The unqualified cardboard tubes such as poor sealing would be picked out and disposed of during this process. We don’t want our customers to receive unqualified products from us. Esytube’s philosophy is to provide perfect paperboard tube packaging for our customers instead of that poor tube packaging even leaking while pouring oil.


Besides, with the growing concern for environmental issues, recyclable packaging is an irresistible trend. Don’t you think eco-friendly paperboard tubes are the perfect alternative to plastic packaging tubes? 

Reliable option for packaging lip balms

Cardboard paper tubes are 100% recycled after use because of their pure natural raw material. And the constantly improving technology has brought these cardboard tubes as durable as we required. In addition to the advantages mentioned above, these eco-friendly paperboard tubes are also very easy to use. You can push it out from the bottom of the cardboard tubes with your finger and tap the bottom down to put the lip balm back in after use. When you read this far, you must already have a general understanding of how to make lip balm and the reason why we choose eco-friendly paperboard tubes. Please feel free to get in touch with us for further information if you are interested in these cardboard tube packaging.


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