Collection: Emballage de tube de bougie

Fourniture professionnelle d'emballages de bougies cylindriques en papier et de services personnalisés. Esytube est un fabricant de tubes en papier produisant des emballages de tubes de bougies de différentes tailles, couleurs et méthodes d'impression.

Material options of cylinder candle tubes

There are 3 types of chipboard to choose from: Duplex Chipboard, Black Chipboard, and Natural Kraft Chipboard. That makes paper tube candle packaging made of these 3 different materials can be divided into the following 3 different groups.

A luxurious paper candle tubes with a ribbon bow

Luxury paper candle tube

Besides the above part, complete luxury candle packaging usually has another layer: wrapping paper. This is the place to present your pattern design. You can use flexo printing, offset printing, and silk screen printing to print your design. You can also use hot stamping, embossing, lamination and other post-press processes to make unique candle packaging for your brand.

A well designed gift paper candle tube

Customize sizes available for candle packaging

We offered a wide range of size customization to fit the different candles. The length of custom candle tube packaging can even be as small as 2 cm. The same goes for the diameter, which depends on the size of the products.

Paper candle tubes with exquisite patterns

Eco friendly candle packaging

With customized eco-friendly candle packaging, candles can be packed in perfectly matched packaging containers, which can well protect candles from bumps during shipping. Are you ready to realize your creative candle packaging with Esytube?