How paper tube packaging helps to promote your business

Paper tubes works well in many field. It is a powerful packaging option for many brands. Today, I want to use this article to help you understand the advantages of paper tubes and expand your choices when customizing packaging.

Special structure is benefit to shipping fragile products

All paper tube packaging have the similar cylindrical shape, which provide excellent support and stability to the packaged items. And there is no doubt that this advantage can play a positive role in the display effect of the product to a large extent. What is more, for fragile and delicate products, they have special requirements about the stability and firmness to get rid of the damage during transportation and handle.

As for paper tube, it is not only meets all the above requirements, but also its special structure makes it one of the best choices for transporting fragile goods. The cylindrical structure of the paper tube enables it to disperse the force to other parts when it is impacted, thereby reducing the possibility of damage to the impact point and achieving the purpose of protecting the product inside the paper tube.


Enhance the visibility of the brands

Compare to other packaging, paper tube offers a 360-fegree surface for brand to display their design, mission, slogan, and so on. All of these could enhance the visibility of the product on the shelf. And based on this, that would be effectively for your product to grab the attention of potential customers and promote sales.


Built an environmental friendly image

Paper tubes are widely recognized as a kind of environmental packaging compare to others. If you are a practitioner in the paper packaging industry, you will know that the main raw materials of paper tubes can be divided into the following categories: Duplex Chipboard, Black Chipboard, Natural Kraft Chipboard, and Grey Chipboard. These kinds of eco-friendly raw material are carefully selected to real your dream packaging. And the choice of materials depends on many factors like the item being packaged, brand requirements, budget. 

Get innovative designs to convey your brand concept

Here is one thing for sure, cardboard is easily to print than other materials like woods or glasses. You can choose the following printing methods to achieve your creative packaging design. Spot UV, golden stamping, silver stamping, embossing and debossing. Besides that, paper tube packaging can be tailored to suit the unique requirements of different products. They can be produced in various sizes, lengths, and diameters to accommodate a wide range of items. Customization options extend to printing, labeling, and finishes, allowing brands to express their identity and connect with their target audience. 

A cost-effective option for start-up brand

We all know that controlling costs is a key point for business, especially for start-up brands. If you want to get yourself a beautiful packaging for your products without costing too much. Esytube would be helpful. In the past few years, we have customized various paper tubes for customers for their deodorant, candles, lipsticks, etc. In the process, we have continuously expanded our production scale, increased production speed, and increased team members. This allows us to provide customers with more discounts while ensuring quality to reduce their pressure at the beginning of their business.


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