Professionelle Unterstützung bei kundenspezifischen Deo-Tuben aus Karton

In den letzten Jahren haben wir erfolgreich biologisch abbaubare Deo-Tuben für unsere Verbraucher maßgefertigt und positives Feedback von unseren Kunden erhalten. Weitere Informationen erhalten Sie von unseren Experten

Deodorant Tube Manufacturer

Esytube is a manufacturer that specializes in paper tubes. And cardboard push-up deodorant containers are one of our main products. Our experts are professional and fully experienced. We will try our best to let every penny you spend reflect on your ordered packaging. In the past few years, we have successfully customized biodegradable deodorant tubes for our consumers and had received positive feedback from our customers.

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Light Weight Deodorant Containers Wholesale

As its name suggested, biodegradable deodorant tubes are all made up of 100% environmental friendly material. And it was designed to be a tiny tube out of the consideration that some people may want to carry it in their pocket.

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Warme Aufforderung

Esytube tut sein Bestes, um Ihre Deo-Pappröhrchen in gutem Zustand zu schützen. Berücksichtigen Sie jedoch die Transportunfälle, und da es sich um leere Deo-Kartonbehälter handelt, können sie beschädigt werden.

Sobald die gelieferten Deobehälter aus Pappe beschädigt sind, setzen Sie sich bitte rechtzeitig mit uns in Verbindung. Unsere Experten werden es umgehend für Sie lösen.

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Paper Deodorant Tube FAQs

how long does the shipping take?

Transit time is about 8-15 working days to deliver them by air shipping method, 30-40 working days by sea, and 40-60 working days by railway.

When can I receive the quotation for paper deodorant tube?

Once we receive your message, our experts will get back to you within 24 hours, and a detailed quotation will be followed too.

Are your deodorant tubes made from degradable material?

Yes, our deodorant tubes are made from 100% recycled material. Their raw material is wood pulp which can be easily degraded.

What kind of payment do you accept?

We accept to pay to our company bank account. And we also accept PayPal account payments.

What if these paper deodorant tubes get damaged during shipping?

We all know it is impossible to avoid collisions during shipping, and we will try our best to protect the products. If your products get damaged when you receive them, please let our experts know. They can solve it efficiently.

Beginnen Sie Ihre individuelle Verpackungsreise mit Esytube

Unser Experte wird Sie kontaktieren, sobald wir Ihre Informationen erhalten haben.