Professionelle Unterstützung bei kundenspezifischen Kraftpapierhülsen

Anpassung ist der effizienteste Weg, um perfekt abgestimmte Kraft-Tuben mit Deckel für Ihre Produkte zu erhalten. Verpackungen aus Kraftpapier sind die ideale Option, um den Kunden Ihre Umweltphilosophie zu präsentieren.

Two cylindrical paper tubes stacked atop one another against a light backdrop, featuring generic labels and minimalistic design.

The finished paper tubes will be delivered promptly Ship on Time!

Bei Esytube können Sie Kraftpapier-Rohre im Großhandel zu einem vernünftigen Preis maßschneidern. Wir werden die Produktion entsprechend der Bestellzeit arrangieren und rechtzeitig an Sie versenden.

Die Transportart ist hauptsächlich auf dem See-, Schienen- und Luftweg. Unterschiedliche Transportmittel benötigen unterschiedliche Versandzeiten.

Wenn Sie Ihre Papierhülsen so schnell wie möglich erhalten möchten oder eine strenge Frist haben, teilen Sie dies bitte unseren Experten mit. Wir helfen Ihnen bei der Vereinbarung der Lieferzeit.

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Three open cylindrical containers on a surface, with one spilling loose leaf tea, and all featuring copper-colored lids and eco-friendly design.

Custom sustainable kraft paper tubes

There is no doubt that kraft tubes are degradable. And this is just one of their advantages of them. Have you realized that these kraft tubes with lids are much more convenient to pack or open compared with ordinary packaging?
Customize your packaging here. We are confident of realizing your design and meeting all your expectations

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A single kraft paper tube with a white label against a concrete backdrop, suggesting sustainable packaging for gourmet confections.

Tailor Classic Kraft Paper Tube

Kraft packaging is a renewed fashion. It used to be popular. And time has shown that your investment in wholesale kraft paper tubes is worthwhile. Their long-term precipitations of characteristics would feedback to your brand and leave a long-lasting and positive influence.

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Kraft Paper Tube FAQs

What is your production time?

Generally speaking, producing custom kraft paper tubes will take 15-30 days. But if you are in a hurry, we can arrange it early for you.

How to make sure of high quality?

Kraft paper tubes that are not qualified will be eliminated during the test. And only products that pass these tests are shipped to our customers.

Can I purchase a sample before placing an order?

Yes, that is for sure. We also recommend that. It is the best way to have a direct understanding of the products.

What's your acceptable trade term?

We accept to pay to our company bank account. And we also accept PayPal account payments.

Can I get a discount?

When you order a quantity up to 1,000pcs, the sample fee will be refunded.

Beginnen Sie Ihre individuelle Verpackungsreise mit Esytube

Unser Experte wird Sie kontaktieren, sobald wir Ihre Informationen erhalten haben.