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What is the minimum order quantity (MOQ) of custom paper tubes?

For ready-made paper tubes, you can purchase as much as you can, even for one piece.
For custom paper tubes, we had set up a small quantity of 500 pcs to support start-up brands.

What are the sizes of your paper tubes?

You can refer to the paper tube sizes in this blog. <Choosing Correct Paper Tube Size: Standard Packaging Options>We provide a wide range of paper tubes, customizing-sized paper tubes are allowed in Esytube.

What are the structures/styles/types of paper tubes you produce?

It can be roughly divided into 2-piece paper tubes and 3-piece paper tubes. And we had posted a blog for this question.<2 main structures of paper tube packaging, 6 different customization options> This blog presents all structures of paper tubes available from our factories.

What is the material of your products?

Paper tubes manufactured from Esytube are all made from chipboard. And chipboard includes Duplex Chipboard, Black Chipboard, Natural Kraft Chipboard, and Grey Chipboard, which are all environmentally friendly materials.

Can these paper tubes also be used for food like potato chips?

Yes, we have paper tubes special for food. But we all know that normal cardboard can’t directly touch the food. So Esytube has offered 2 choices for you.
1. Add a food-grade aluminium foil layer on the inner wall of the tube.
2. Use food-grade white cardboard to make the innermost part of the paper tube.

Do you accept PayPal payments?

Yes, we accept it.

How can I get a sample?

Click here to get a quote if you want to customize your own paper tube packaging. You can also send an email to sales@esytube.com. Do not forget to mention the following information.
Colors: How many colors are there on the inside and outside of the paper tube?
Size: Diameter × Length
Logo: Printing method, colors
Quantity Desired

Can I make an embossed logo on the paper tube?

Yes. And besides that, there are many other printing options like hot foil stamping, UV, and deboss. We can realize them according to your design.