Choosing Correct Paper Tube Size: Standard Packaging Options

This happens on occasion in the midst of dialogue with customers. “Which size is appropriate?” asked consumers. It is a trouble that people who in charge of packaging design all encounters. But when I was asked this question again yesterday, I know it is time to write the blog.

In this blog, I will list several sizes’ paper tube packaging. Of course, a detailed description of how to select the perfect cylinder containers cardboard will also be presented in this blog.


21 mm diameter × 70 mm length, 0.3 oz

Paper tubes of this size are commonly used as the packaging of lip balms, deodorant, and solid perfumes. As you can see from the followed picture, it has 2 parts: cap and base. This is the most basic structure of cardboard tube packaging.


If you are on your way of customizing paper tube packaging, here is a warm prompt: Try to get a sample before mass production. Color of the packaging is out of sync with the design is a common occurrence in the process of customizing packaging. Getting a pre-production sample is the best way to confirm whether the color and quality of the packaging are what you want.

36 mm diameter × 120 mm length, 2.5 oz

Compare to other options, paper tubes are widely recognized as the preferred packaging solution for beauty products such as liquid foundation, skincare lotion, and solid cleansers. Various types of paper can be utilized for packaging purposes. These materials categorize into black paper tubes, kraft paper tubes, white paper tubes, and more. It is possible to personalize these tubes by incorporating your logo or patterns as they are printable.


20 mm diameter × 70 mm length, 8g

This twist-up paper tube packaging can be regarded as the best representative environmental friendly packaging. Made from Natural Kraft Chipboard, this tube is appeared nature brown. We have many ready-made paper tubes in store if you need them in hurry.

Also, we can offer customization service when you want to get a unique packaging to attract your customers. For example, adding a coated paper to the outside of the tube. This is the process that you can realize your dramatic design. Here are many printing method for your reference to make your packaging more dazzling. 

70 mm diameter × 50 mm length, 100 ML

In addition to cosmetic products, paper tubes are widely used in candle packaging. While candles are typically housed in glass containers, our regular customers often include a foam insert inside the tube to prevent any damage during shipping. This requirement necessitates careful consideration in determining the appropriate diameter of the paper tubes to accommodate both the products and the insert. If you are lack of experience in this area, don’t hesitate to approach us to ask for help.


45 mm diameter × 82 mm length, 2 oz

This is another common size of paper tubes. Various from tubes above, this tube have a special structure: shaker. It is also for this reason that paper tubes occupy a place in high-end salt packaging. In addition to salt, there are some powdered products also like to use Paper Shaker Tube.

Moreover, they are capable of withstanding repeated use. At the beginning of production, in order to ensure the safety of food, we have made great efforts in the sealing of this paper tube. Even if the products inside run out, you can continue to use these paper tubes to hold other things like tea, candy.

 These are the sizes of paper tubes included in this blog. Needless to say, they are all customizable. 

In addition, there are many other sizes of paper tube that have not been covered, and will continue to introduce you in a future blog. For questions about custom paper tubes, please send an email to

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