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Packaging is protective and decorative measures on the exterior of the products. And black paper tube packaging is absolutely more individual compared with normal packaging, which makes it the proper choice for brands that were operated by the designers themselves.

An open cylindrical container featuring a sleek black exterior with gold trim and a luxurious gold interior, suggesting a high-end product presentation, isolated on a white background.

Printing Method Options

You can choose the printing method you like at Esytube. We have Spot UV, Emboss &Deboss, and Hot foil stamping for your choice.

Hot foil stamping is the best printing method for black paper tubes. It can offer a metallic texture for black paper tubes. And this kind of unique packaging can absolutely make your products stand out on the shelves.

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A tall paper tube adorned with vibrant floral graphics in shades of pink and green, featuring a prominent golden label, indicating a natural, botanical product within.

Core Competitiveness

The biggest advantage of the black paper tubes lies in their outstanding adaptation. On the one hand, black is usually regarded as the representative of maturity. And black paper tubes can perfectly match the needs of established brands for packaging.

On the other hand, the black paper tubes can be distinctive when it was printed through hot foil stamping, which is suitable for start-up brands to show their unique personalities.

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Black Paper Tube FAQs

Are you a paper tube packaging supplier?

Yes, we are a paper tube supplier located in Zhejiang China. We wholesale black paper tubes. You can get black paper tube packaging from us at a reasonable price.

Will this black paper tube be able to pack my candle products?

Yes, they can pack your candle products. We had done this for our customers in the past.

Do you have any protection in transit for these white paper tubes?

The finished products will be packed in cartons with opp bags outside and corner guards.

Can I get the quotation right now?

Once we receive your message, our experts will get in connection with you as soon as possible. Maybe it won’t be “right now”, but I’m sure it will not exceed 24 hours.

Can you ship them to me by air?

Yes, we can.

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