Excellent performance of cardboard cosmetic containers

Nos comprometemos a proporcionar tubos de papel adecuados para cada marca de maquillaje independiente. Al mismo tiempo, Esytube también intentó todo lo que podemos hacer para impulsar la protección ambiental internacional, reducir el daño ambiental causado por los productos en el proceso de producción.

Selección de tecnología de impresión

A vibrant paper tube with a tropical print lies next to an open lipstick with a glossy gold cap and a bold orange base, against a white backdrop.

Easy to carry

Paper tubes are increasingly used for the packaging of lipstick, lip balm, deodorant, etc. Our factories had customized cosmetic containers as small as 2 cm in diameter and 7 cm in height for our consumers.

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Aviso cálido

Esytube es una empresa de envasado de cosméticos en tubos de papel. Nos enfocamos en proporcionar envases de cosméticos de cartón biodegradable hechos de materiales que tienen una superficie lisa para que su diseño sea vívido. Y, sin duda, es una buena manera de personalizar el patrón y el logotipo únicos de su marca en el tubo de papel.

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A paper tube with a green hexagonal design next to a small glass dropper bottle, both labeled "NATURAL STRAIN Full Spectrum Oil Drops," against a white background.

Environmental friendly

There is no doubt that our degradable beauty product packaging can help you attract potential customers who care about the environment. They are all made from 100% native wood pulp.


Mission of a paper tube cosmetic packaging manufacturer

Esytube is a paper tube cosmetic packaging company. We are focused on providing biodegradable make up packaging for each independent makeup brand, facilitating the establishment of an environmentally friendly brand image as well.

Cosmetic paper tube FAQs

How can I get the quotation for cosmetic paper tubes?

You can send an email to sales@esytube.com or Whatsapp us +1 (205) 319-6096. Once we receive your message, our experts will quote based on the information you provide with.

What is your shipping term?

The regular customized orders are shipped by express couriers, such as UPS, FedEx, DHL, EMS, and DPD.

Where is your factory located?

We are a manufacturer located in Zhejiang China and had customized great cosmetic paper tubes for our customers in the past few years.

What if I want to know the price of the cosmetic paper tube, but my design is not confirmed yet?

Well, in this case, you must inform our experts about the size of the cosmetic paper tube and let them know whether your design is single or multi-colored.

What printing method can I choose?

Matte/Glossy Lamination, UV coating, Silver Foil, Hot stamping, Spot UV, Deboss, Emboss, Texture…

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