Apoyo profesional en tubos de papel push up personalizados

Es seguro que personalizar el tubo de papel push up es una forma poderosa de recordar a sus clientes objetivo el punto más brillante de sus productos. Y es un resultado razonable que se venderán como pan caliente con estos encantadores tubos de cartón push-up.

Three artistic cylindrical paper tubes with abstract design elements in earthy tones, displayed against a two-tone dark green and cream background, suggesting a sophisticated, eco-conscious product packaging.

Environmentally friendly material

Cardboard is widely used in the packaging industry to prevent goods inside from being damaged. It is much thicker and more durable than normal paper, which has successfully armed push-up cardboard tubes with excellent protection capability, making them ideal packaging for some lip balm, deodorant, or skincare products.

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Two cylindrical paper tubes with detailed illustrations of a black bird perched on a branch with green leaves, set against a soft peach background.

Extensive use of paper tube packaging

If you are not sure whether your products can be packed with paper tube packaging or not, you can send us an email for help. Also, we have published a blog about the wide application of paper tubes. You can check it by clicking.

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Aviso cálido

Somos una fábrica especializada en la producción y venta al por mayor de tubos push up de papel. Nuestra misión es proporcionar los hermosos tubos de papel para nuestros clientes.

En los últimos años, Esytube había establecido reglas estrictas para los procesos de producción para garantizar la eficiencia y la calidad de la producción. Aceptamos pedidos personalizados con MOQ bajo, puede contactarnos en cualquier momento.

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Push up Paper Tube FAQs

What format should I provide my design to you in?

That would be better if you can send your design in AI that can be edited in Adobe Illustrator.

How can I get a free push up paper tube sample?

How long will it take to produce?

It takes 15-30 days to produce. And if time is short before the deadline, please inform our experts of this news, and they will help you arrange the production schedule without charge.

Can I have gold tamping on my logo?

Of course, you can apply any kind of printing method to your design. And if you are not sure which kind of printing method works better, you can turn to our experts for help, and they are all experienced.

How can I get a detailed quotation about push up paper tubes?

Make sure you have sent comprehensive data to us, including size, color, material, etc. Our experts will give you a quote when we receive this data. The more detailed the data is, the more accurate the quote will be.

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