How do you make paper tube packaging?

We all know that packaging is an effective way to differentiate your brand from the competition. But more often than not, there is a high chance that the packaging we find on the market will not match your product in size, color or insert. So the question is, if we choose to customize, how to make paper tube packaging?


Well, the whole process can be roughly divided into 6 steps.

  1. Send an email to get a quote
  2. Confirm the details with the packaging company staff
  3. Get a sample tube
  4. Put an order
  5. Produce
  6. Shipping

 tube packaging in 4 different colors

Among these 6 processes, steps 1, 2, and 3 are the parts you should pay most of the attention. You have to make sure the staff of the packaging company you communicate has fully understood your needs. Here are 3 tips that may help you during this period.


Attach the information about paper tube packaging

When you want to get a quote about your ideal paper tube packaging, do not forget to mention the following information:

  • Size of your products & size of your dream packaging
  • How many colors are involved in this paper tube packaging?
  • What is the printing method of your logo and pattern?
  • What kind of material do you want to apply to your packaging?

If you want to get an accurate quote instead of a vague one, you should add these 4 data about your packaging in your email. This is because they are the necessary information when the packaging company calculates the cost. And it is not hard to understand that different-sized paper tubes come at different prices. The same goes for colors, printing methods, and materials.

 lip balm tube packaging

Ask a favor from the staff of the packaging company

If you don’t have a certain design yet, you could send the screenshot of the packaging that you like, admire or that you think is beautiful to the staff. Trust me, they are professional about it. With their help, you can easily figure out which type of paper tube is your dream packaging. Also, they could be the strongest support when you have no idea about how to reserve a place for packaging. Besides that, they are the person who is most clear about the color difference in printing. You could save a lot of time and energy with the help of them.

 paper jar

Get a sample before mass production

Before mass production, you’d better get a pre-production sample if the quantity of the paper tube packaging you need is over 500 pcs. Just like mentioned before, there will be color differences in printing. The pre-production sample is completely the same as the final products you will receive. You can use it to confirm whether the final color is as you expected. But if you don’t mind the color difference compared to the size and the firmness of the paper tube packaging, another kind of sample would be much more suitable for you, which is a Structure sample, offered for clients who need to check the material of the packaging and the size. You can click here to learn more about it.

 paper tubes

How the paper tube is made?

When the packaging is going to be produced in paper tubes, it normally takes about 15 days to finish production.

A cylinder paper tube is usually made by spiral winding. The experienced worker would wound the Natural Kraft Chipboard at an angle on the axis to produce the body of a paper tube. In this way, consumers can apply various materials such as Duplex Chipboard, Black Chipboard, and Grey Chipboard to make a kraft paper jar. In other words, the inside and outside of the paper tube can be made of different materials.

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