Impressive packaging: How many colors can we apply to our packaging?

What is the most impressive packaging you have seen so far? I was wondering that maybe they are colorful, maybe they are in a special shape, and maybe they are well-designed. But all in all, you are attracted at first sight.

Months ago, we received an inquiry from a Thai. I didn’t have direct communication with this consumer, but my colleague did, she is in charge of this order. So I noticed it, I mean the sample of the tube.

The Importance of Samples: Ensuring Consumer Satisfaction

Usually, we would suggest our consumers who had customized over 500 pcs paper tubes to get themselves a sample first. Because it is the best way for consumers to make sure that the finished product is what they expected.

The first time I saw it happened on a normal working day while I was finding another cardboard tube packaging. You know that we have a quantity of paper tube samples in our sample room. And they are all arranged in order on the shelves. It is hard to finger out the cylinder tube packaging you need from the shelves. But when I browsed to a certain row of shelves, it hit me.

 It is a black paper tube made from black chipboard. My colleague told me this paper tube was designed for packaging candles. Oh, can’t stop imagining what kind of candle would be worthy of this kind of packaging.

 The Exclusivity of the Candle Packaging Tube

There is a golden stamping logo on the paper tube box. You can observe the metallic luster when it reflects light. And at a certain angle, its logo appears shining and glows with a yellow halo surrounding it.

Golden stamping is the one and only printing method used for this paper tube packaging. Although there is just one color in the tube besides black, we have many options for you.

 When it comes to golden stamping. The packaging of premium high luxury brands would come into our minds with a gorgeous appearance. We could easily notice the beautiful yellow metallic luster, but usually, only a small part of customers would know golden stamping includes various shades of gold, such as bright gold, deep gold, or antique gold.

The Role of Color in Paper Tube Customization

Do not worry about your unknown knowledge. If you are not a participant in the packaging industry, this is not a necessary part of your life. The supplier you cooperate with will let you know during your customizing journey. But just in case any readers want to know something about the industry, in the following content, I would like to share something that may be of interest to you.

In the paper packaging printing industry, there is a dividing line regarding the number of colors. That is to say, when your design has 4 or fewer colors, you could pick out the color you want from Pantone color, our staff would make the final products meet your expectation according to your choose. But if your design has more than 4 colors, it is hard for the printing machine to handle colors in details. So it is not available for such design to pick out colors you want from Pantone color.

Our Commitment to Your Packaging Needs

There is a special situation. If most of your design is one color, but there is one area where the color is complicated. You can use Pantone colors in solid areas and color printing in other areas. But it may increase your cost.

Customizing paper tubes is never an easy job. You have to take Tall factors into consideration. If you have a hard time during this period, do not hesitate to contact us. This is our e-mail address: 

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