Tube packaging: a gorgeous design for cotton swab

The cardboard tube packaging we gonna introduce today is a special one among all the tubes in our company. From the title of this blog, you can know that tube packaging is designed for cotton swabs.

 A perfect packaging should match the brand

For the very first, it is important to comprehend how the packaging and brand match each other. We all clear that packaging plays an important role in sales. A perfect packaging can help brand to attract potential clients and convey the philosophy of your company.

a kraft paper tube with custom logo and pattern

 But, how to find the packaging that matches your brand?

 It does take effort to figure out the right one. Usually, there were various editions of packaging before the perfect appropriate version. And our job is to provide the best solution for you to shorten the process. So, in the following content, I will share a success case for you to reference. I do hope it will bring you some inspiration for the packaging you desire.

a kraft paper tube leaning on white board

 A smart choice on the tube packaging

It might seem superficial, but there is a rule that one-size-fits-all in the cardboard tube packaging industry. Let’s be brief, if your brand is selling luxury items, making your packaging gorgeous is never wrong. And if you sold something that is degradable, mentioning several nature patterns on your packaging would be a nice choice. That’s how the rule works. The packaging we gonna introduce today has made the most of this rule.

 Color of the tube packaging

Over the types of paper tubes like white paper tube, black paper tube, and kraft paper tube, etc. bumi had picked the one that fitted their brand. Without any lamination or special printing processes like hot foil stamping, spot UV, and metal character, only a pure nature kraft paper tube with printed bamboo patterns, the logo “bumi”, and some slogans, are the whole design.

kraft paper tube on white fabric background

 Brands that offer natural cosmetics, lipsticks, toothbrushes, and something like that, kraft tube packaging would be a good choice for you when you are looking for packaging.

Patterns on the tube packaging

It is easy to notice the whole-covered bamboo patterns on this tube packaging. The green leaves and the brown background match each other pretty well. And everybody, especially the target consumers could receive the information the brand wants to express through the tube packaging. Meanwhile, the packaging itself has already become a powerful method to ship the brand image and promote the sale.

Against a brown background lies an open kraft paper tube with its lid on the right side of the frame

Where to buy gorgeous tube packaging?

For startup brand, maybe it will take time to figure out your style. And perhaps you are on your way to looking suitable packaging for your products. If you are interested in tube packaging, I would suggest you to begin with blank paper tube to test if it is the right option for your brand. You can click here to buy kraft paper tube.

A kraft paper tube is in the middle of the picture, with some plants on its left and right sides

 For a brand with history, I can deduce that over the years of development, you have already understood where your destination is. Based on that, blank tube packaging might not be the most suitable choice for its limits in expressing your brand. Custom your own tube packaging would be better.




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