6 Creative Ways to Use Paper Tube Packaging

Paper tube packaging is the new generation. Vary from the traditional box type, cylinder container is a daring attempt and breakthrough in the paper packaging field. Early in 1904, Monroe Binder Board Company introduced the first large cylindrical jute board shipping containers for packaging cheese. And as you can see, environmental-friendly packaging has become a common practice with the growing concern of environmental crisis, which makes it more difficult to stand out in the fierce competition for traditional environmentally friendly packaging. So, why not try paper tube packaging? It might surprise you. 

What is paper tube?

Have you ever made rockets out of different sizes of paper tubes? That is an unforgettable experience. I can still remember the excited mood, and how proud I was of myself when I finally made it. You would understand what I am talking about if you have done what I have done. DIY a rocket is not hard work. What annoyed me most was the uncontrollable quality of paper tubes. You know I can’t always receive durable, lightweight, and suitable size tubes to make my rocket, which forced me to adopt poorly qualified paper tubes. It did frustrate me when I have to make do. I guess it laid the groundwork for me to be engaged in the paper tube packaging industry. Let me tell you what qualified paper tube packaging is as a related practitioner.

It is apparent that the quality of paper tubes depends on the paper wrapped around them. Paper tube packaging is made from cardboard. And these cardboard tubes for packaging behave well in protecting goods inside. What is more, they can keep the inner space at a steady temperature to a certain extent, which means paper tube packaging is suitable for products that have a certain temperature requirement.

So, how to define paper tube packaging? Packaging that has a special cylindrical structure is belonging to paper tubes. Paper tube packaging has 2 parts including cardboard and the top sheet which are all made from wood pulp. It is also one of the characteristics of paper tubes that can be used to package lip balm, candles, perfume and some clothing products. And you may aware that paper tubes are surrounded our daily life if you were more careful. Paper tubes work on a wide range of applications!

Applications of paper tubes

Shampoo and lip balms

Seed Phytonutrients, a cosmetic brand specializing in shampoo, conditioner, and body wash products. Take their lip balms packaging for example. As you can see, the packaging of the lip balm is a paper tube, or you can call it kraft paper tube packaging. Whoever designed this package must be a genius that makes it so simple yet so powerful. On the ground of this, the lip balm packaging has conveyed the message to its customers correctly and completely. What is more, you don’t have to cost too much for packaging your products like this. This packaging can be done with simple printing, no hot foil stamping, and no spot UV. Our factories can finish production within 15 days, and if you need it urgently, we can make it for you in a hurry without charge.

Potato chips

Paper tube packaging and food, potato chip canisters come to my mind immediately when these two elements come together. Pringles, a well-known snack brand, has adopted paper tubes for their potato chips instead of plastic packaging. It is obvious that Pringles has won a lot. Using paper tube packaging can not only reduce plastic waste but also improve the brand value, which is the real value lies. It is obvious. Compare with the environmentally unfriendly plastic packaging, don’t you think paper tube packaging works better in conveying the brand concept and increasing the added value of the product?


Using paper tubes to package their products is a very common method for many brands of tea. Just like Pukka Herbs, a cool organic tea company that provides herbal teas from around the world, had chosen paper tubes as some of their tea products. Look at this tube packaging, it is really beautiful and charming, right? I am sure no one would through it away after use. If that was me receiving such exquisite paper tube packaging, I would like to keep it for holding my treasures. So, why not pack your products with eye-catching paper tubes? You are more likely to gain free and long-lasting billboards with them.

Artwork and sketch pencil

Paper tubes are also widespread in art circles. It is not difficult to understand why this phenomenon occurs. First of all, It's easier to keep a painting rolled up than spread out. A paper tube of a suitable size can bring great convenience for the artist. Also, they are dustproof, durable, and easy to carry, which allows paper tubes to have outstanding performance in protecting the paintings from damage and drying out. On account of these, many art supply companies also adopt paper tubes for packaging sketch pens, colored pencils, etc.


Packaging clothing products with paper tubes is never new. But in the past, clothing brands are used to packaging their products with paper boxes or plastic bags. Only a few brands would like to use paper tubes as their packaging. But now, it is the paper tubes' turn. More and more brands turn to packaging their clothing products like socks, T-shirts, and lightweight skirts with paper tubes. This way of breaking conventional packaging can leave a deep impression in the mind of your consumers. And that is helpful in the fierce competition that may be encountered in the future.


The candle is another item that is mostly packed in paper tubes. A proper-sized paper tube can perfectly match the candle’s shape with its cylindrical structure. It is no exaggeration to say that paper tubes are literally born for candles. Since candles are more often given as a gift nowadays, most of them are designed with different scents. You can design different packaging for the various scented candles or cut a window in the paper tubes to help your customers distinguish. With detailed data and design proposals, Esytube can help you achieve the packaging you want.

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